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Welcome to Yoga Avenue

"Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your own being."

Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Meditation, Gentle Somatics and Aerial Yoga group classes and private 1:1 yoga sessions, offered in a private garden studio in Clevedon and community venues in Tickenham and Yatton, North Somerset. 

Thoughtfully curated Yoga Retreats in the UK and Europe.

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Whether you are looking to release physical tension and increase mobility; build strength and stability; support recovery after illness or injury or discover easy to implement ways  to facilitate a greater sense of calm and balance in your life; a regular yoga practice yields significant and tangible benefits. 

Yoga is an ancient and sacred practice which blends breath work (pranayama), mantra (chanting), physical movement practices (asana) and relaxation (savasana).  The many and varied benefits appear very quickly as you begin to realise a happier, healthier & more balanced version of You.  

Based in Clevedon, Yoga Avenue offers a range of different styles of yoga are in an idyllic, tranquil garden studio, away from the noise and distraction of everyday life.  Classes are also available at Tickenham Village Hall and Yatton Junior school - both wonderful spacious venues.

All classes are designed to be inclusive and provide a warm welcome to all.  The invitation into the practice has at it's heart the encouragement to seek out a enjoyment - because without the presence of joy the desire to continue is missing.

So, whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or developing an existing practice,  you will be fully supported and welcomed. 


Yoga offers incredible tools which can alter how we perceive experience.  The practice will gradually loosen the knots which bind us into habitual ways of being.  With a deeper awareness of the breath it's possible to observe the underlying influences and self-regulate the nervous system.  Instead of being derailed by life's inevitable ups and downs you start to learn how to surf the waves and embrace life more fully, with greater ease and compassion.  And the supportive company of others means you can enjoy practising all of this in a truly warm & nurturing environment.    

I look forward to welcoming you to a class, event or retreat, very soon

Warmest Wishes 

Emma X


"I was introduced to Yoga Avenue about a year ago by some dear friends who drew me into sessions at Tickenham Village Hall.I had never experienced Yoga before and quickly found I really liked it.Emma pitched the sessions flexibly to suit all levels, and did this with such grace and humour that I immediately felt at ease. Her welcoming smile is always present. This year yoga has become very important to me. I have Long Covid after contracting Covid 19 in March. This came on top of a bereavement in January.When restrictions eased Emma offered distanced yoga on the village field ( Park Yoga) when the weather allowed.Some days I was only able to do a few moves, then I lay and rested in the shade of the tree. Emma was very accepting and understanding of my situation.Encouraged and supported by my lovely friends, Yoga led by Emma is relaxing, therapeutic and fun. I always feel better afterwards. Thank you Emma!"  

Donna Van Der Weyden

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