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Sun, 28 Jan


The Garden Studio, Clevedon

Yin Yoga & Soothing Sound by Candlelight - an elemental journey-fully booked, waitlist only

Immerse yourself in a restorative, nourishing yin yoga experience inspired by the elements of Fire and Water. Settle into deep healing rest carressed by the mesmerising musical sounds of koshi chimes, singing bowl, gong and rainsticks.

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Yin Yoga & Soothing Sound by Candlelight - an elemental journey-fully booked, waitlist only
Yin Yoga & Soothing Sound by Candlelight - an elemental journey-fully booked, waitlist only

Time and Date

28 Jan 2024, 19:00 – 21:00

The Garden Studio, Clevedon, 4 The Avenue, Clevedon BS21 7ED, UK

About The Event

January draws to a close and the light is returning yet still we feel the echoing surround sound of Winter's crisp chill.  As the moon waxes to fullness we reflect on how far we've come, what has been gained and what we might now release in order to lighten our step into the next unfolding cycle.

Under the Wolf moon we align with the innate wisdom of water whose currents of brilliance are sparks of golden light, little fires of remembrance and directions of flow chiming with the fire of insight .  The brilliance of the effulgent moon at her fullest point plunges us into the season of will and water in the traditional chinese 5 elements system; a system of checks and balances which through the ancient meridian system guide us towards balance.  

Our yin practice will focus on this water & fire theme.  The seemingly opposite energies they express can enable us to more deftly drop into the subtle sensations within the body and mind which ebb and flow as thoughts, emotions, memories and feeling states.     

Yin yoga is a slow, yielding form of yoga arising from the Daoist (or Taoist) practice.  Yin yoga targets the deeper yin tissues of the body: ligaments, tendons, bones and fascia and offers adaptable poses to suit individual skeletal differences.  Mostly floor based, these poses are then held for a few minutes or more. The body is supported by props to allow muscular release and facilitate access to these deeper tissues.  

This slow, quiet practice encourages the steeping essence of a meditational repose.   During the time spent commiting to stillness the curious awareness of the mind's fluctuations and altering sensations can be observed without judgement and a tuning in to the conversations of body, mind and heart.  

Certain sounds have the potential to heal.  Think of the soothing sounds found in nature:  ocean waves rolling onto golden sand; the bubbling flow of a stream swishing through a rock riven valley; a warm summer breeze whispering through a forest; bird song echoing in the sky above or the hollowing call of an owl permeating the stilled silence of night.   

Every sound heard is received by the brain as a wave vibrating the ear drum.  The tiny bones of the ear carry these vibrations via the auditory nerve as signals which the brain cortex then deciphers.  Specific sounds can slow down the brain waves and enable the body to enter a very relaxed almost dreamlike state.  Scientific studies have shown that sound healing can reduce tension, anxiety, fatigue and help reduce stress.  Sound encourages subtle channels and spaces in the body to open and stimulates energy to move, increasing flow, ease and realignment.  The sound bath element of this event will entice you into deep rest using a range of relaxing sounds.

Who is this for?

The practice is suitable for everyone aged 18 or over.  When booking, please remember to inform the organiser of ANY injuries or issues, that may affect your practice.  (Please note the sound bath element may not be suitable for those with a history of trauma such as PTSD, if you are unsure as to the suitability of this practice for you please contact the organiser before booking).  Tickets once purchased are strictly non-refundable and require the participant to be healthy enough to attend and not have a contagious illnesses including coughs, colds etc.  (Please note It is ultimately the organiser's final decision as to whether you are healthy enough to attend without impacting on other participants or the organiser.)   In the event of your being unable to attend no refunds will be issued but you may transfer your place to another attendee provided they too comply with the conditions above. In the event of the organiser needing to cancel, ticket monies only will be refunded within 24 hours.

What you will need:

Comfortable loose clothing you can move in, yoga wear is not required.  Extra layers, socks etc and a couple of warm blankets are required.  All other props:  mats, bricks, blocks, bolsters and straps are provided. Please remove all jewellry before coming and note that there are no changing facilities but there is a safe place to leave your belongings.  Do not bring valuables to the studio.  We ask that you remove LED style watches (smart watches) and ensure phones are left in the designated safe space and they MUST be switched to silent for the duration.

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