Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my existing online classes be credited against in person classes when we return to the community venues?

Yes you will be able to have the value of any remaining online classes credited against an in-person class pass once the online Thursday morning and evening Beginners/Gentle Yoga classes cease.  Your online pass however must expire after 3rd September (for Yatton) and 10th September (for Tickenham).  If you have a pass expiring before these dates please be sure to attend online classes or receive recordings so that you don't lose your classes.


You can continue to buy an online pass up until these dates for those two specific classes.  After these dates please only purchase an online pass if you wish to swap to another online class or you would like to do 2 classes a week:  one in person (with an online pass) and one online (online pass).  Note that the in person class pass can be used to book online classes but not vice versa.  

An additional online Beginners/Gentle class 'may' be added to the schedule if there is sufficient demand, minimum of 6 in each class. 

2. Is there a concessions rate for Tickenham in person classes?

The concessions pass previously on offer for those 60+ for Tickenham Village Hall classes is no longer available.   Having carried out some research the price point of Yoga Avenue classes is currently in line with other offerings, many of which are hosted by teachers with less training and experience.  I am endeavouring to keep my prices reasonable but at the same time I need to accurately reflect the value of the service on offer and make a sustainable income which includes the ability to undertake more trainings the benefits of which I can then pass onto participants in my classes.


3. I am concerned about the level of cleaning of the venue prior to the yoga class taking place?

I have allowed adequate time for cleaning of any surfaces that you may come into contact with prior to class.  In addition please read the Covid Guidelines on my website to assure yourself that all protocols to manage the safety of everyone are in place and will be followed.  By following these rules right now we can all take responsibility to ensure that safety of everyone.

4. I can't commit to coming to an in person class every week, can I still do pay as you go and attend week by week?

Yes of course.  Pick the class you want to attend and then book and make payment directly via the website or the Wix app. Please be aware however that due to restricted numbers spaces are limited to 10.  However you can book and pay for classes ahead, just check the dates you know you can attend first, this will avoid disappointment.   

Please remember in person classes are non refundable unless someone else can take you place, however you can move to an online class in that week if for any reason you find your cannot attend.  Email me if this situation arises for you.