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Yin Yoga (Clevedon)

The yinside of yoga encourages introspection through functional poses designed to target yin tissues

  • 10 British pounds
  • 4 The Avenue

Service Description

Ah Yin yoga - my absolute favourite practice. This type of yoga is designed to stress the deeper, denser and more plastic tissues of the body. It involves mostly seated or supine postures which are held for time. These longer holds provides appropriate stresses to those deeper tissues of the body: ligaments, tendons, bones and the fascia - our connective tissue which covers the entire body and is frequently the cause of movement restriction & pain which can contribute to disease or disfunction. By moving slowly, climbing inside the experience we become more familiar with how we inhabit out bodies as well as the places where we hold tension. Founded in Daoism, an ancient Tibetan practice, we also explore the yin side of energy. As we link together a series of sustained poses, without striving to get somewhere, we are gifted space to notice what arises. In the stillness we can allow the sensations to simply be, without judgement or the desire to run away, deny or discount what arises. In this way we develop an ability to listen and perceive where we get stuck in our storylines - what stops us, both physically and mentally. Absolutely anyone can do yin. We use a panoply of props to make each pose appropriate for the individual. As you quietly develop awareness and cultivate patience, joint tissues realign, tight fascia unbinds and movement restrictions unravel. Yin increases your ability to be still. Unlike meditation where you are required to sit still in one position, the yin practice creates a chain of mini mindful pauses that open you to the multiple physical, neurological and psychological benefits associated with meditation: reduced stress and anxiety, stimulation of bone producing cells which help ward off osteoporosis, clearer thinking and improved hormone functioning. "Yin helps us to calm and cool the fettered mind and its essence of slow surrender can start the process of resolving some of our unease. Whilst it may not solve the world's problems it can help us become more grounded in what is really happening and alert to greater awareness of our experience. It may even offer us some clues as to how to skilfully adapt our habitual response to serve us better and lead us more assiduously towards that elusive balance." Norman Blair

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy: All bookings are strictly non refundable, except in the event of Yoga Avenue or any of its partners cancelling. Should you need to cancel you must give 24 hours notice minimum and in the event that someone on the waiting list can take your space you will be offered a credit for another class. If you have purchased either a 6 class pass or a 10 class pass please note that ALL 6 classes must be used within in the specified period of the pass, classes cannot be carried over. As a small business it is important that this rule is applied to ALL bookings equally to ensure sustainability and fairness throughout - your understanding is very much appreciated. In respect of retreat bookings please refer to the Ts and Cs page for guidance.

Contact Details

  • 4 The Avenue, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7ED, UK

    + 07771594041

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