Providing the complete basic set of props to support your practice this set consists of a 1" flat oblong block;  2 x yoga bricks and a 2.5 metre D-ring strap.

Yoga Props Bundle - 1 x block, 2 x bricks, 1 x 2.5m strap

SKU: 364215376135191
Yoga Block Colour
Yoga Strap Colour
Yoga Bricks Colour
  • Yoga Strap is made from ethical cotton, has a stainless steel D ring and measures 38mm x 2.5m, idea for use in binding poses and to deepen poses such as seated forward fold.  

    Yoga Block, the perfect means to raise the sit bones and make all seated asana more accessible and comfortable,  size 320mm x 250mm x 60mm, weight 450g.   Excellent for meditation. 

    Yoga Bricks are made from high density, non toxic foam with bevelled edges for comfort.  They are sturdy but lightweight and offer support in poses such as pyramid and side angle.  

    Props can also be used together for example to raise the seat higher in hero pose stack bricks ontop of one another and/or onto of block or provide a shelf support in lizard upon which to rest hands or forearms.

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