Guidance for Online Classes

  1. Online classes are offered via zoom:   

  2. All you need is a laptop, iPad or tablet or a smartphone

  3. If you using an iPad, tablet or smartphone go the Apps setting and download the zoom app first.

  4. When you book into a class you will receive an email with a zoom invitation link, this will arrive an hour or so before the class start time so if you book late check your emails straight away so you don't miss the class.  The link looks like this, although the number at the end will be unique: Join Zoom Meeting 

  5. Click the link ideally about 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin and you'll be taken to the Class

  6. When you first arrive your device will likely ask you to 'join with device audio' . Say yes to this and make sure you have the volume turned up!

  7. On a laptop you'll have a menu bar at the bottom, on the left are two icons, a microphone and a video camera.  To begin the teacher will ask everyone to unmute themselves and make their camera live, it's a chance to greet each other and also let the teacher know of anything that might affect your practice - although you should ideally do this by email well before the class begins if you can!

  8. Just before the class starts you will be asked to 'mute' yourself by pressing the microphone so it shows a Red Cross through it, this means no-one in the class can hear you but you will be able to hear the teacher throughout.

  9. The camera button means the teacher and everyone else can see you, you choose if you want this or not but it's a good idea to have it selected so the teacher can offer guidance or encouragement during the class.

  10. On the top right of your screen are a couple of options: the main one to be aware of is the viewing button, you can chose to have the teacher filling the screen and everyone else in thumbnails (play with these to get familiar) but note that once you are muted and the teacher begins talking your device should automatically show the teacher in full screen.

  11. Time is allowed for you to position your mat and/or your device so you can see the screen and hear the teacher and to adjust this during the class.  And don't worry about having to constantly keep an eye on the screen.  The teacher will use longer, more detailed transitions and employ the sacred art of signposting to guide you into the next pose - thus reducing the risk of cricked necks, losing your balance or getting left behind. As you become more familiar with this forum you'll adapt and rely less heavily on the sense of sight, your ears and body will attune to the flow and that will enable a deeper connection to your practice.

  12. When the class ends you will be asked to unmute and you will have chance to talk to the teacher and the other people in the room,  if you want to stay and chat longer just let the teacher know but if you need to rush off don't worry about how to leave the meeting the teacher will sort this out and close the class.

  13. And that's is about it!    

  14. If you have technical issues in your first class you will be offered a free 1:1 zoom tutorial to help you get set up.

  15. So what are you waiting for?  Click here and give it a go. 

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