Woodland Yoga

As the official partner of Brown Rock Woodland Project in Tickenham; Yoga Avenue and Ashatan Yoga are thrilled to be offering a range of authentic vinyasa, traditional hatha, yin yoga and meditation offerings in this glorious private North Somerset woodland.


We invite you to join us and share blissful practice beneath the soaring canopy of the ancient oaks.   Accompanied by the symphony of bird song as it sonorously echos through the trees whilst dappled sunlight alights as tender warmth on your skin...and then, just like the bark fragranced wind, you too will imbibe and drink in the delicious scent of nature's forest calm.

See below for the expansive arbour of events we have planned for 2022 !

Weekend Woodland Sadhanas
Inspired by the Ancient Mythology of the Hindu Gods & Goddesses

Sunday 15th May - 2pm to 4pm

Saturday 23th July - 10am to 12 noon

Saturday 13th August - 10am to 12 noon

The Tree of Life
Yoga Day Retreat

Sunday 25th September 10am - 4pm

Full Moon Meditations


Samhain Evening Retreat

Sunday 30th October - 6:30pm - 9pm


The Summer Solstice
Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat

Saturday 18th June

9am - 6pm

Tickets on sale now.

Winter Solstice Evening Retreat


Yoga at Brown Rock Woodland

Yoga Avenue, Ashatan Yoga and Brown Rock Woodland Project have joined forces to provide a range of professionally delivered  yoga offerings  aligned with Brown Rock Woodland Project’s ethos. 

As caretakers of this land the owners of Brown Rock farm are committed to sensitively and creatively developing a private woodland environment for the wider enjoyment and education of diverse groups whilst endeavouring to protect and preserve the delicate forest ecosystem.