Introduction to Aerial/Anti-gravity wall yoga

This course is designed to introduce you to a new form of yoga using a suspended hammock as a prop to support and enhance your practice.  The hammock enables access to poses that can be difficult to achieve or sustain on the mat and also advancement in poses.  It helps to develop strength, balance and flexibility and is especially useful for decompressing the spine and enabling inversions to be accessed safely and with confidence.  


BKS Iyengar, known as the Grandfather of modern yoga, used a similar system of ropes and pulleys to assist his students.  The hammock is a modern and decidedly more comfortable development of his teachings.  

The one hour classes will be a combination of mat and hammock work which will enable experiential awareness of the poses and provide an insight into which aspects require adjustment - often on both a mental and a physical level. 

The course is open to all and numbers are limited to 6 per class - you will spend approximately half of the class in the hammock.   There are however certain containdications which may prevent your participation, these are listed below:
Glaucoma or eye problems, Brain aneurism, Hypertension, Heart conditions or disease, High or Low Blood Pressure, History of Stroke, Pregnancy, Obesity, Epilepsy, Inner ear problems.  If you are on medication then you should check with a doctor whether aerial yoga is suitable for you.


Course Dates & Times: 31st March, 7th April, 14th April, 28th April 2020.  

9:30am to 10:30am  OR  7pm - 8pm

CLICK HERE to book &  Purchase your aerial class plan.  You will then receive an email asking you to select which class you wish to attend on each date.  You can change classes providing there is space.